About Us

Welcome to the Lyrebird Awards

Originally inspired by Jeff Jones attending the inaugural Gippsland Amateur Theatre Awards in 1992. He took his idea of having awards in his local area to Trish Juster-Schofield and a meeting was held to ascertain the feasibility of the awards. Together they formed the Lyrebird Awards to celebrate excellence and encourage participation within non professional performing arts associations.
At the Lyrebird Awards, we value:

  • Celebration of theatrical artistic endeavour;
  • Recognition of artistic merit in theatre;
  • Encouraging participation in the outer-eastern metropolitan region;
  • Encouraging new talent of all ages;
  • Sustaining ethical standards;
  • Maintaining fair standards.


The following are taken from the 1994 programme; they have since been expanded into our current Mission Statement and Key Values.

  • To promote local theatre throughout the region
  • To unite people with a love for theatre for one magic night
  • To pay tribute to the many, many people who volunteer their time and energy to entertain audiences throughout the Dandenong Ranges and the Yarra Valley.

In 1995 the following was added to the original – To recognise the outstanding theatrical talent which abounds in our region.


Lyrebird Youth Awards

In 2006 the Lyrebird Awards Committee introduced the annual Youth Awards ceremony and we have seen it grow into a wonderful celebration of youth achievement in arts. Its aim is to acknowledge the achievements of many outstanding Youth performers in our local community. As per the Adult Awards, the Youth Awards were designed to recognise  artistic merit and celebrate artistic endeavour of young performers and to encourage them to continue in their performance pursuits.


The Lyrebird Awards committee believe it is most important to encourage youth to participate in the arts as the benefits are extensive. In a study commissioned by the Australian Council for the Arts (2001) they outlined the following key benefits

  • Social and personal development
  • Attitude to learning
  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Arts knowledge and skills
  • Generic competencies (writing, communicating, problem solving and perseverance)
  • Enjoyment and value of the arts.

The Lyrebird Awards are constantly on the lookout for companies/schools who would be interested in acknowledging their youth performers and participating in these prestigious Awards based within our catchment area. We are happy to help with any queries you have; Queries can be made through this website.